Department of Forensic Medicine

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Umer Memon

Head of Department

Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Sumayya Tariq
  • Dr. Nadia Batool

Head of Department Message

Dear Students:
As you step into the huge world of medicine, you will be facing new challenges everyday in terms of learning. The trick would be to study well, concentrate and comprehend the subject until you master it. This will be your key to success. Best of Luck. The department of Forensic Medicine comprises of 3 faculty members and 1 assistant. The objective of our department is to impart a comprehensive knowledge about Medicine and its interaction with law. The study of toxicology and traumatology forms an important base for autopsy and issuance of medico -legal certificates.

Departments Introduction:
The department of forensic medicine is headed by a senior professor and other qualified staff. The department houses the enough numbers of photographs, radiographs, charts, specimen models and other teaching material for self learning and teaching program also comprises of the instant lectures, demonstration, tutorials, presentation and writing skills relevant to medicolegal cases. The members of the department of Forensic Medicine are responsible for teaching the 3rd year M.B.B.S Students. Both theoretical and practical aspects are covered and a sound base for toxicology is also established at this stage. We conduct 4 lectures per academic week, of which 3 are Forensic Medicine and Toxicology. In addition to this, 2 hours per week are dedicated to practical work in Forensic Medicine and Toxicology Tutorial.

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