Department of Oral Biology

Asst. Prof. Dr. Fayez Hussain Niazi

Head of Department

Senior faculty members
  • Dr. Batool S. Vazir
  • Dr. Zeeshan Faiz
  • Dr. Syeda Mariam Abbas
  • Dr. Usman Safdar

Head of Department Message

The department is a proud owner of a newly installed museum inclusive of various models of embryology, skull, bone, teeth and other relevant structures. These models not only are helpful for students to build up a concept but are also utilized by the teachers as a teaching aid.

Facility of viewing histological slides of various topics under a microscope is also provided to the students

The department of oral biology also has a vast collection of text books that are available for the teachers and students for reference.

Departments Introduction:

The first dental subject taught in first year is oral biology. This is the bridging course between basic medical science and clinical dentistry. It deals with the structures and functions of teeth, related structures and oral cavity. Therefore it includes the subjects dental anatomy, dental histology, oral anatomy and tooth morphology.

The course introduces the student to the histology, embryology, biochemistry and ultra structure of the oral tissues and structures. The age changes of hard dental tissues and the mechanisms of organic matrix formation and mineralization of hard dental structures are stressed.

Oral biology deals with the function and interactions of organs functionally related to the oral cavity, and the relationship of these organs with other parts of the organism both in health and disease.

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