Functions of QEC

  • To represent the College at Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) and regional /national quality network meetings and be an ambassador for the College in a range of external environments.
  • To play a central role in the development of the College’s quality assurance and enhancement policies and procedures.
  • To Develop quality strategies to help the college achieve strategic goals
  • To work with University Faculties to ensure the successful implementation of University quality assurance and enhancement policies and procedures
  • To establish and maintain effective Quality Assurance Functions for the college in compliance with national and international regulations and standards
  • To Plan, coordinate, and direct quality programs, initiatives and activities to ensure the quality and reliability of all Academic programs
  • Capacity building of its team through HEC training programs.
  • To Review processes in order to ensure that they align with current National / International Standards
  • QEC is responsible for the up-gradation of the following:
    • Annual monitoring and evaluation including program monitoring, faculty monitoring, and student's perception.
    • Departmental review
    • Student feedback
    • Employer feedback
    • Subject review
    • Institutional assessment
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