Postgraduate Program

Dentistry Residency Program

LCMD offer 4-years structured fellowship program and 2-years membership program which follow guidelines provided by college of physicians and surgeons Pakistan. The program runs under the supervision of Prof.Dr.Navid Rashid Qureshi & program coordinator Dr.tahera ayub, whose able leadership and mentoring have carved the training standards of quality followed at the international helm of education and have established a liaison with the renowned clinicians of the country to provide the utmost health care facilities to the patients through our own state of art dental hospital and the affiliated teaching hospitals. Liaquat College of Medicine & Dentistry is recognized by the college of physicians and Surgeons Pakistan (CPSP) for conducting fellowship & Membership programs in the discipline of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Since 2007. Around 24 trainees have been inducted since then and many of them are now working at national and international level. Our mission is to foster within an individual lifelong learning, to teach the resident to read and critically review the scientific literature. It also aims to promote clinical and scholarly activities, including basic science, clinical research and teaching. In order to assure that residents provide compassionate, appropriate, and quality care to their patients, the program strives to develop within the residents moral and ethical standards that are an integral part of a clinicians responsibility to the patient and society. LCMD, under the umbrella of Ziauddin University has developed an extensive 4 years program of masters in dental surgery (MDS), to provide opportunities to graduate dentists to flourish their clinical skills to deal with the advancement in dental education. LCMD is the first college to initiate post graduate training in 9 disciplines of Dentistry, with the aim to foster development of critical analysis, advance clinical and research skills. The coordinator of the program is Dr.Shumaila lqbal Moosa.

Medicine Residency Program

LCMD also introduce residency program of medicine department under the supervision of Prof.Abu Noem Farooqi at Dar-ul-Sehat Hospital. We have four years training program which is also approved By College of Physicians & surgeons Pakistan (CPSP). Last year we received more than 50 applications and right now we have 8 trainees who are going to complete their require- ments. Their main responsibilities are to take care of inpatient and outpatient services. They have regular weekly teaching sessions for research activities, Morbidity & Mortality meetings and case discussions. During training they are supposed to do the routine procedures like cen- tral lines, lumbar punctures, pleural biopsies, ascitic tap, pleural taps. Along with that they have the separate rotations of Critical Care Area (ICU), Emergency Department (ER), Gastroenterology and Cardiology where they are directly observing and doing the special procedures under supervision of consultants.


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