MBBS Programme

It is a five year degree programme desigened in accordance with the pakistan Medical Dental Council Islamabad, covering following modules.

First Professional MBBS

M1011 Foundation Module 08 weeks
M1012 Blood Module 08 weeks

M1021 Locomotor Module 08 weeks
M1022 Respirator Module 08 weeks
M1023 Cardiavascular Module 04 weeks

Second Year MBBS

M2031 Neuro Science Module 08 weeks
M2032 Head and Neck Module 04 weeks
M2033 Endocrine Module 04 weeks

M2041 GIT and liver Module 08 weeks
M2042 Rental and Excretory Module 04 weeks
M2043 Reproductive Module 04 weeks

Third Year MBBS

M3051 Infectious Diseases Module 04 weeks
M3052 Haematology Module 04 weeks
M3053 Repiratory Module II 04 weeks
M3053 Cardiovascular Module II 04 weeks

M3061 GIT and Liver Module 08 weeks
M3062 Rental & Excretory Module II 04 weeks
M3063 Endocrine Module II 04 weeks

Fourth Year MBBS

M4081 ENT and EYE Module 03 weeks
M4082 Orthopaedic Module 02 weeks
M4083 Reprductive Module II 05 weeks

M4084 Dermatology Module 02 weeks
M4085 Psychiatry Module 05 weeks
M4086 Genetics Module 02 weeks
M4087 Rehabilitation Module 02 weeks

Final Year MBBS

M5091 Med / Surg & Allied Module 16 weeks

M5091 Med / Surg & Allied Module 16 weeks

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