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Vision Statement

To live up to the name and reputation of “Nawabzada Liaquat Ali Khan” and to be a model of supremacy for the quality and innovation of its educational programs and clinical services. Goal of Liaquat College of Medicine and Dentistry is to amplify its global recognition as a medical and dental school of the first rank, known for its excellence in teaching, research and services so as to outshine all others in the galaxy of educational institutions.

Mission Statement

LCMD is an institute designed to produce students who are erudite and acquainted with the principles of modern medical sciences, being proficient in clinical decision making and therapy, engaged in academics, research and public service to acquire excellence.

In order to achieve the mission, LCMD is determined to:

  • Provide students of high academic potential with a medical education of exceptional quality making them skillful and compassionate professionals to serve the underserved.
  • Groom students for leadership in medical education and healthcare
  • Ameliorate the health communities of Pakistan through exceptional care enhanced by innovation and discovery
  • Foster culture diversity among faculty, staff and students so as to fortify a respectful and ethical academic environment
  • Nurture the students after they enter professional career, to maintain their good professional practice by engaging themselves in life long learning.


Liaquat College Medicine and Dentistry traces its origin to the year 2000, when a small tree was planted by the name of Liaquat Ali Khan Memorial College of Dentistry, as a memoir as well as token of respect to the first prime minister of Pakistan of Pakistan- Shaheed-e-Millat Nawabzada Liaquat Ali Khan.

Now in the 16th year of establishment it stands as the tall tree with all its vibrancy and vivacity being a centre of excellence in dental and medical education.

Born on the map of Karachi, Pakistan and duly recognized by PMDC, it is one of the very few initial colleges private or public sector that were established in the centre of the city devoted to teaching of dentistry and medicine and ultimately promoting health care services in the community.

Initially affiliated with Sir Syed University, it came under the umbrella of University of Karachi, in 2002. SINCE 2014 IT IS BEING NURTURED BY Jinnah Sindh Medical University as per ordinance 2012 of Pakistan Medical & Dental Council.

With the commencement of medical programme in 2005, its name was changed to Liaquat College of Medicine and Dentistry.

Throughout the corridors of time it has extended its orbit from undergraduate training to post graduate programmes such as FCPS, MCPS & MDS training and in addition, courses for paramedical and paradental training.

Over the years it has earned many stars to its collar and this is highlighted by the fact that name of this institute has been included in the WHO directory of schools of medicine and dentistry.

Recognizing dentistry and medicine as an integral part of health sciences, the college today boasts to be second to none.

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