The LCMD library supports educational research, clinical activities and programs, Our library contains one of the best medical and dental books collections in Pakistan. We provide best, current and up-to-date collections on literature to our students or readers. Every year hundreds of new books are added and have now reached 6500 of books excluding online access of numerous journals and books etc. We have maintained strong relationship with other libraries of the city and sharing our books materials with them also.

LCMD library has a dedicated library staff working under highly professional supervision of Mrs. Shaheen Ghaznavi who is heading the department. The team work of dedicated, hardworking and cooperative staff facilitates following tasks competently.

  • Organization and supervision of Library matters
  • Searching internet literature for lcmd website
  • Correspondence with HEC and other institutions
  • Searching and researching educational materials for Library
  • Subject wise literature arrangement
  • Solving the problems of students regarding library concerned issues

We conduct orientation session for all new classes of MBBS, BDS and Nursing etc.


We provide varied reading material to our students/readers, all medical journals which are published in Pakistan.

  • Pakistan journal of ophthalmology (PJO)
  • Journal of Pakistan Medical Association (JPMA)
  • Journal of College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan (CPSP)
  • Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences (PJMS)
  • Journal of Pakistan Dental Association (JPDA)
  • Dental News

We provide international materials:

  • Dental Clinics of North America (DCNA)
  • Medical Clinics of North America (MCNA)
  • Surgical Clinics of North America (SCNA)
  • Gut & Gastroenterology
  • Oral pathology & oral medicine, oral radiology, oral surgery & endodontic.
  • Dental update
  • British Journal of Surgery
  • Annals of International Medicine
  • Journal of Clinical Pediatric Dentistry
  • Operative Dentistry

Access to online data base from HEC materials (available in limited access)


The following collections categories are found in library.

  • Reference and research collections
  • Dictionaries and directories, etc.
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