Department of General Pathology

Prof. Dr. Syed Naseeruddin

Head of Department

Senior Faculty Members
  • Prof. Rafiq A. Khawani
  • Asst. Prof. Nafees Fatima
  • Asst. Prof. Dr. Al Farah Rahmat Ullah
  • Asst. Prof. Dr. Shahid Zafar
  • Dr. Shahida Kashif
  • Dr. Sadia Salahuddin
  • Dr. Rida Akhtar
  • Dr. Hiba Arif
  • Dr. Benazir

Head of Department Message

LCMD signifies devotion to advance medical knowledge and practice by ensuring high quality
training programs for the future doctors. The curriculum is specifically designed to provide a
concrete foundation in theory and practical application of the acquired knowledge. Our faculty
members are always happy to help their students with unbiased advice and guidance
whenever required. Our objective is to provide quality education and training that can bring
value to the peoples lives. We enjoy a reputation of being a highly supportive friendly college,
a place where our students and staff feel valued and respected. I advise the current and
forthcoming students never to forget the missionary spirit and nobility of their profession and
wish them every success in their personal and professional lives.

Departments Introduction:
A well established pathology Department is the backbone of any medical college and hospital.
In clinical practice, availability of prompt and credible result is essential in the management of
patients. Our department has a well organized gross pathology museum comprising of over
200 gross specimens and 300 histopathology slides and a pool of transparencies of almost all
important human lesions. We maintain small departmental library which has all necessary
books for teaching and reference purposes.The senior faculty conducts about 14 lectures per
week. Practicals are conducted in groups by our lecturers. We also arrange interactive sessions
(tutorials) and weekly presentation by students. There is well established laboratory located at
ground floor supervised by the qualified and skilled staff and provides services round the clock.

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