Department of Pharmacology

Prof. Dr. Asya Rehman

Head of Department

  • Dr. Rafiq Alam Khan

Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Ittefaq Hussain
  • Dr. Zareen
  • Dr. Shahid Ali
  • Dr. Aisha Zafar
  • Dr. Asma Shahid
  • Dr. Hira Ahmed Malik
  • Dr. Uroosa Najam

Head of Department Message

It gives me immense pleasure to write message for the new prospectus of Liaquat College of Medicine & Dentistry (LCMD). This great institution has achieved wide spread reorganization and success. The main quality that leads a person and an institution to achieve success is enthusiasm and dedicated hard work. Teachers by virtue of their knowledge, wisdom and experiences explore their true potential, provided that students maintain discipline and faith in ALLAH (SWT). With this approach, success will be guaranteed in all aspects of life.

The department of Pharmacology comprises of seven faculty members and two departmental assistants. The objective of our department is to establish the knowledge
and skills of pharmacology in students in such a way that they would easily be able to diagnose, treat and manage various common pathological conditions throughout their medical career. Our main objective of teaching is not only to transfer knowledge but to produce creative, analytic and intellectual minds. The members of pharmacology department are responsible for teaching the subject of PHARMACOLOGY and THERAPEUTICS to:

First Year MBBS Students.
Second Year MBBS Students.
Second Year BDS Students.
Third Year MBBS Students.

We conduct twelve lectures per academic week. All the mentioned years are divided into different groups for tutorials and practicals for better understanding and interaction with the teachers. We also conduct practicals on Power Lab for MBBS Students. Since 2015, Modular system is implemented for MBBS students. Semester Examinations are conducted by LCMD which include OSPE and BCQs/EMQs.

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