Forensic Medicine And Toxicology

Dr. Dr. Summaiya Tariq

Incharge Forensic Medicine

  • Dr. Nadia Batool
  • Dr. Zona Irfan
Lab Assistant
  • Waleed Gul Dahiri

Head of Department Message

The world of medicine is huge and scary, especially for a new entrant. You will be facing challenges in both learning and retaining the various subjects. The trick would be to study well and thoroughly with the kind of respect that the subject demands. Study till you master it! But sadly, that time never comes. Remember that medicine is the only field where you do not study to pass exams but rather to save lives. The aim of the Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology is to impart a comprehensive knowledge about the interaction of medicine with law. The study of death, toxicology and traumatology form the basis for autopsy and medicolegal certificates.
In addition, this subject will also attempt to teach you about bio-medical ethics as well as consent taking and medical documentation.

Departments Introduction:

The department houses a number of models, specimen, radiographs and photographs as well as other teaching material for a well-guided self learning. The education program comprises of lectures and tutorials as well as field visits. We emphasize on the practical aspects of Forensic Medicine. Covering the theoretical and practical
aspects, the department attempts to establish a sound base for toxicology. We conduct three to four lectures (one hour each) every week and one tutorial (two hours). Assignments are regularly given and students are tested once a month. Monthly field visits are also undertaken to major government hospitals for a comprehensive
understanding of autopsy techniques and protocols for various ML cases. Students are also taken for exhumations when the opportunity arises. We hope to see you studying well and prospering.

Best of Luck

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