Department of Community Dentistry

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Nadeem

Head of Department

Senior Faculty Member
  • Asst. Prof. Dr. Afshan Rahim Khan
  • Asst. Prof. Dr. Anwar Saeed
  • Dr. Ahad Shafiq
  • Dr. Asfia Anwar
  • Dr. Sana Farooq

Head of Department Message

I welcome you all to Community dentistry, one of the primary and core subjects of Second Professional BDS. This subject encircles addressing the community, their dental issues and respective treatment. Community dentistry is the only subject which bridges the core basics with the clinical field, exposing the dental students to the whole community. Pakistan being a developing country lacks proper infrastructure and strategy in preventing oral diseases. Therefore; it is the duty of young doctors to play a vital role in Dental Public Health, by actively strategizing programs in preventing oral diseases and providing health care facilities for all. I would welcome the upcoming students and future health care professionals to this department. Wishing my dear students all the best for bright future.

Departments Introduction:

Community dentistry provides best professional opportunities to the students by providing health care education, through organized community efforts. For this purpose, the department also organizes different school trips, field trips, and pharmaceutical company trips. This helps the new students to witness different kinds of oral diseases, diagnosing dental problems, evaluation of treatment plan and treatment planning. Our department?s motto is to reduce disparities in oral health care for minorities and underserved. We provide high quality education, evaluation of preventive services, free consultations, free dental camps on quarterly basis for underprivileged individuals.

Our aim is to provide health care facilities for the whole community and not just an individual. Apart from this, faculty members of the department have research programs of their own, which encourage the students to cultivate new ideas into research papers.

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