Department of Oral Surgery

Prof. Dr. Navid Rashid Qureshi

Head of Department

Senior Faculty Members
  • Asso. Prof. Dr. Tahera Ayub
  • Asst. Prof. Dr. Amna Rehman
Senior Registrar
  • Dr. Zafar Abbas
FCPS Trainees Part II
  • Dr. Sumeera
  • Dr. Arfat
  • Dr. Maria
MDS Trainees
  • Dr. Mahwaish Naz
  • Dr. Sobia Tariq
MCPS Trainees
  • Dr. Tauseef
Dental Officer
  • Dr. Rehmat

Head of Department Message

We found oral health education has become overwhelmingly pervasive, therefore we offer the undergraduate program in the field of dentistry, the MDS, FCPS, MCPS training to become OMF surgeons. The department has remained true to the vision on which it has founded. If youre an alumnus, I want you to know that your institute continues to thrive, and to capitalize on the contributions that you made here as a student and are now making as our representatives. As registered student, I need you to know that you are now an integral part of a highly competitive environment. You are our responsibility and we are working continuously to ensure a superior and bright future for you.

Departments Introduction:
The long affiliation of LCMD oral surgery department, with the CPSP has enabled the program fulfilled its mission in training MDS, FCPS and MCPS to become leaders in the fields of OMFS. Yearly around 80 OTS are held under OMFS to aid the patients facial and esthetic aspects of performing major surgical procedures like RTAs,SCCs, BENINGN AND MALIGNANT CYSTIC lesions, cosmetic surgeries, pediatric MFS cleft lip and palate, CP CHILD etc. The minor surgical procedures are also being performed in our maxillofacial OPD. The department comprises of 12 members, who are dedicated in clinical teachings of 3rd year and final year BDS throughout a day. Oral surgery department has accommodated Oral Diagnosis department as well. Daily approximately 150 patinets are recruited in the department, which facilitates the training of residents, house officers and undergraduate students by providing oppournity to interact with huge number of patients.

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