Department of Periodontology

Asst. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Nadeem

Head of Department

Dental Officers
  • Dr. Sultana Ashraf Ali
  • Dr. Hareem Fatima
MDS Trainees
  • Dr. Muhammad Nadeem
  • Dr. Muhammad Abid

Head of Department Message

The vision of this department is based on Total Quality Improvement, advanced training, research and clinical practice focused on patient centered care and health promotion and disease prevention framework. The art and science of clinical periodontology is amalgamated with the basic sciences of periodontal care, the relationship of other dental disciplines to periodontal care, diagnosis and treatment planning of patients complaint with advanced periodontal disease

Departments Introduction:
Periodontics is a dental specialty that includes the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the diseases of the tissues supporting the teeth. "The objective of periodontics is to help patients maintain the form, function and esthetics of teeth as long as possible". Entire team of the Department has a strong belief in teamwork which linked academic staff, clinical staff, students and administrative staff to achieve the desired goal. We have highly qualified, professionally sound, experienced and motivated team working under the privilege of latest equipments, technologies to deliver an outstanding, comprehensive quality services in traditional, yet modern and reassuring atmosphere. Our facilities have been specially designed for unsurpassed levels of health & safety, hygiene, comfort and efficiency.

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