Examination Department

Prof. Dr. Muahmmad Sarwar

Head of Department

  • Dr.Hijab Farid

The examination department is one of the most important parts of an institution. In LCMD, this department is performing all its functions in accordance with the protocols of examination. It regularly conducts class tests, entry tests, semester & pre- prof. examination according to schedule. The proceedings of the department are strictly confidential and enjoy the confidence of both the faculty & students. The practical examinations on the pattern of OSPE/ OASIS have been introduced and are being practiced efficiently. All the students and faculty members respond promptly in case of any query. Wishing the newcomers (students) the best of luck & hoping that they are very good doctors in future.

Departments Introduction:
The examination department at LCMD is fully operative since 2006 and has all the capabilities to conduct the class test, entrance tests, semester and Pre-Prof examinations of all programs, with BCQs, EMQs & OSPEs which are properly and scientifically evaluated, ensuring secrecy and privacy at all levels. The results are compiled with the help of very cooperative and professional faculty and finalized after discussion with principal before the announcement. The department has the additional responsibility of collecting and evaluating the BCQs, EMQs, & OSPEs The department is always keen to help out all the departments of LCMD in the conduct of
the examinations/tests. The examination department members work as a team to help the students & faculty in all matters related examinations /tests.
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