Department of Medical Education

Dr. Sumera Saeed


  • Prof. Dr. Navid Rashid Qureshi
  • Prof. Dr. Muhammad Jawed
  • Dr. M. Athar Khan
  • Prof. Dr. Naseeruddin
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Naheed Najmi
  • Asst. Prof .Dr. Tahera Ayub
  • Prof. Dr. Perwaiz Sandila
  • Prof. Dr. Asya Rehman

Medical Education was not recognized as a separate, independent discipline until recently when PMDC emphasized and realized its importance. This department was formed/ established in the year 2009, to make LCMD a centre of excellence in terms of teaching and research, for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Dental and Medical education, at national and international level. This department strives for excellence in Medical teaching and learning since its inception and provides educational resource, training and professional services, maintains active research involvement across the health and allied sciences and facilitates in implementing a dynamic curriculum.

Department of Medical Education consists of a team of competent professionals, who are striving to achieve the key objectives of this department which majorly includes developing and updating curriculum of Undergraduate and Postgraduate degree programs, facilitating Professional development for improved Health Professions Education (HPE) through workshops, teaching sessions and online sessions, Implementation of innovative educational methodologies through use of e-learning and web based resources, online sessions and innovative assessment and evaluation strategies, Evaluation of Faculty based on feedback of students and liaison with other departments to carry out activities that serve as a source for educational research in health science education.

Currently the most important initiative of this department includes facilitating Continuing Medical Education (CME) or Continuing Dental Education (CDE) programs which are basically events organized to expand the knowledge and skills required by the doctors. From this year onwards PMDC has supremely emphasized on the importance of CME/CDE programs for all the doctors and has certified its presence necessary for the recertification of the license, hence Medical Education is in continuous process of facilitating these programs to encourage doctors to keep their knowledge updated. Continuous CME/CDE programs were held in LCMD and many more are in process, moreover credit hours are also endorsed to the participants of these programs.

The department is continuously striving to further improve our standards and to achieve excellence in future at the national as well as international level.

Workshops held in 2015 and 2016
  • Delivering content effectively
  • Constructing and reviewing good quality BCQs and EMQs
  • How to construct problem solving BCQs and EMQs
  • Research Methodology & Synopsis writing
  • CBC interpretation and workup of Anemia
  • CV writing
  • Safer Anesthesia in Dentistry
  • Approach to bleeding disorders in women and Children
  • Management of Pan facial Fracture
  • Writing the CV right
  • Problem based learning
  • Teaching & communication strategies
  • Epidemiology & Biostatistics
  • Guidelines of good clinical practice
  • Lecturing skills
  • Pain Management in Dentistry
  • Multidisciplinary approach to Oral Cancer

Research Unit

  • Dr. M. Athar Khan
  • Asst. Prof. Dr. Uzma Zareef
  • Dr. Ahad Shafique
  • Dr. Shumaila
  • Dr. Shahid
  • Dr. Arjumand

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